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5 exercises that are good for muscle pain before menstruation

A brisk walk regulates blood flow rate by increasing heart rate. Oxygen enters the body and your body stores energy. You'll feel more energetic.

With Pilates exercises, opening and stretching movements help your body stretch, relax your November muscles. You can opt for this refreshing choice instead of constantly yawning.

Doing Yoga helps ease the pain. Especially Vinyasa Yoga is very useful. In this way, your mind also relaxes, and the depressive states end. Because moving is also good for depressing and sensitive mood. For example, a child's pose is for you...

Relaxation of the pelvic area is important for your comfort during PMS and menstruation periods. You can apply bridge movement to this. Lie on your back on the floor and raise your waist. Stay here for 10 seconds and breathe. Breathe out as you land.

Lifting light weights is important for strengthening November. In other words, you can continue to do fitness during these periods. By being careful not to be too hard on yourself, of course. Listen to your body and always take care of it.

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