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5 errors when applying bronzer

Choosing a bronzer that suits your skin color is our first important lesson. The most prominent rule here is to choose your bronzer 1 or 2 shades darker from your skin tone. However, if you choose a very dark color, the product will create an artificial image on your face.

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Sometimes we women forget bronzer's main purpose. The purpose of our bronzer ride is not to darken our skin tone, but to leave a natural 'sun kiss' effect on our face.  Therefore, when applying bronzer, consider where the sun tans on your face. These spots are usually your cheeks, nose and forehead.

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Make-up experts recommend applying bronzer in soft circular movements. First use a large brush, then blend the color with a harder brush. If you are using a liquid bronzer, the makeup sponge will serve the same. Apply a fastening powder over your foundation for a natural look, then apply bronzer.

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Liquid bronzer requires smooth skin. If you have dry and worn spots on your skin, dark tones will bring these places to the forefront and reveal different shades on your face. If you have dry skin and insist on applying liquid bronzer, apply moisturizer first and then bronzer.

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Blow the tip of your brush to distribute bronzer evenly over your face. In this way, you do not suddenly put too many bronzers on your face and you ensure its natural distribution.

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