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5 effects of feeling happy on your career

All emotions are contagious, so we can make those around us feel the same as we feel. Professor Fredricskon's research on emotions is the best proof of this. For example, if you are cheerful, you can spread it around you. When you reflect your joy on your colleagues, it will give you the chance to work in a positive and enjoyable team. Inspiring your surroundings for happiness ... sounds good, doesn't it? 

According to a study conducted at the University of Warwick, feeling happy increases productivity at work by 12%. So if you want to increase your productivity regardless of your profession, focus on increasing the moments when you feel happy. In addition, the benefits of positive emotions are not only that, but also that you can do more creative and innovative work when you feel good. What could be better than developing your work with a creative approach? 

As explained in an article published in the Harvard Business Review, When employees are unhappy, their minds also begin to move away from positive emotions. This situation is disrupting creativity, damaging the ability to reason. When you feel positive emotions, your perception opens up and you have the ability to notice more solution options. 

Trying to do a lot of work at the same time (multi tasking) actually causes you to waste more time. Research by Cliffor Nass, a professor in the Department of psychology at Stanford University, also supports this knowledge. Although Multi tasking sounds very cool, it actually creates a situation that increases your stress and reduces your efficiency. That brings unhappiness. Focus on one thing by changing your approach; both your happiness and efficiency will increase. 

Positive emotions keep our mood high, making our attitude to stress healthier. At moments when you are unhappy, your negative attitudes are also reflected in your work and you start not realizing what you can achieve. During periods when we are happy, you can deal with the stressful situations that work life brings in a much more positive way. Not only that, but also by realizing the positive aspects of business life, you draw your focus to something useful for you. 

Instead of expecting an outside appreciation, congratulate yourself. And you don't have to do anything big to congratulate yourself! Take note of the work you feel you have achieved during the day and have a tiny celebration. Sometimes it can be a kind greeting in your inner voice, sometimes a nice coffee enjoyment. Giving ourselves this award without waiting for outside congratulations for small improvements will allow you to be more active during work and increase your positive emotions. Realizing that you have made progress, seeing the work that you have completed will give you a sense of continuity, and you will be more enthusiastic and energetic. 

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