a table with a potted plant and a glass of water
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5 different concepts 5 different places in Kadıköy and Moda

Design Bookshop&Cafe, opened by a company that publishes on architecture, collects design, fashion, art and literature under one roof. Along with special books brought from abroad, there are designer jewelry, bags, plates and beautiful records. You can spend time studying books in the space and work calmly in the study section inside. I strongly recommend you to enjoy a book with a nice coffee next to homemade carrot cake in this place, which also has a choice of sweets and salts.

Osmanağa Neighborhood, Bahariye Street, Nevzemin Street, No 6/A, Kadikoy, Istanbul

a shelf with books on it
a shelf with a variety of items on it
a cup of coffee and a flower pot on a table
a table with cups of coffee and a glass of water
a room with a bookcase and books
a room with a table and a chair
a room with shelves of books
a store front with signs
a room with shelves of books
a room with bookshelves and a ladder
a shelf with a variety of video games on it

Teapot, an alternative to the fast-spreading coffee shops in Moda, is the new address of enjoying a peaceful corner with more than fifty kinds of tea options, homemade desserts and a tiny library. You won't want to sit here for hours and then get up, accompanied by intimate atmosphere and music rising from the record in the back. Chocolate and fruity crispy custard, honey green tea and green rooibos blend tea with pineapple are among the must-try.

Caferağa Neighborhood, Moda Street, Yenifikir Street, No 5/A, Kadikoy, Istanbul

a table with chairs and a sign on the wall
a group of glass jars with white labels
a room with shelves and chairs
a book and a potted plant on a table
a glass with a drink and a plant in it next to a bowl of food
a restaurant with tables and chairs

Deli No:14, a place where you can feel very comfortable with both its fun environment and different decoration, offers a wonderful mother's kitchen where even sauces are homemade. The menu, which includes delicious flavors from breakfast to dinner, varies according to the season. While every day is the food of the extremely healthy day, it is possible to find alternatives with olive oil. Starting with a quality and conscious culinary approach, everything from pasta sauces to crushes in breakfast is homemade. The most specialties include crispy turkey and vegan burgers. Of course, as for desserts that are indispensable to me, I say don't come back until you try magnolia with homemade caramel sauce, which is made using cheesecake and beetroot sugar with oreolu at Mad No:14, where the concept of jar dessert is predominantly.

Caferağa Neighborhood, Aracibasi Sokak, No 10/A, Kadikoy, Istanbul

a table with a potted plant and a book and a mug
a table with a potted plant and a glass of water
a shelf with many vases on it
a room with tables and chairs
a bar with a table and chairs
a room with shelves and a table with oranges
a room with shelves and glasses
a shelf with books and a blue pitcher on it
a shelf with plates and cups on it
a table with a stack of books and a glass of wine
a bunch of paper money
a table with a plant and a book and a book on it

If I say it's the most delicious pancake I've ever had in Istanbul, I'm definitely exaggerating. Od 46, a cute little crepe maker in Moda, is one of the addresses where you will be a regular with its thin pancakes. In this intimate place with both sweet and savory varieties, it is left to take your tea, coffee and sit at the table you find empty and look forward to the arrival of the pancake cooked in the open kitchen. The most special flavors include ravioli pancakes and honey cream pancakes.

Caferağa Neighborhood, Moda Street, Kagnı Street, No 1/A, Kadikoy, Istanbul

a plate of food and a cup of coffee
a machine on the counter
a stack of barrels
a table and chairs in a room
a painting on a wall

Flashback, fashion's newest concept café, makes you feel in the time machine with its colorful decoration and hidden intimacy in the details. There is a nice breakfast menu with daily desserts and delicious omelets, as well as specialty coffee and drinks. If you like caramel, you should definitely taste retro and try the lemon cheesecake with poppy, which is extremely light on the side.

Caferağa Neighborhood, Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi, No 34/E, Kadikoy, Istanbul

a room with chairs and a table
a room with a desk and a shelf with pictures on it
a restaurant with a menu
a shelf with pictures and a camera on it
a room with tables and chairs
a plate of food and a cup of coffee on a table
a plate with food on it
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