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5 beaches collection

Pastel colored swimsuits and bikinis stand out especially pink and green among the summer trends of 2019. In the details, decorated embroidery and framed tops with resclusive shells are ideal. Lily&Rose is one ofthe brands that has original swimwear and bikinis in its summer 2019 collection.

High-waisted bikini bottoms are among the models that will make their mark this summer. With vibrant colors and options for all styles, you can find the most popular pieces among swimwear and bikini models among these models.

For those who like soft colors, you can find swimsuits and bikinis in pastel tones, and this collection, which stands out mostly with ruffle and knitting details, offers a combination of trendy models. This summer you can see the ruffle details in almost any color, light or dark.

This summer we will have a season where vibrant colors, moving patterns and bolder cuts than ever before stand out on the beaches... In 2019 beach fashion, all attention has been turned to one-piece designs. At this point, movement has been brought with many different details to make one-piece elegance sustainable, the cut details are the most striking of them... We see that different color transitions and patterns arealso highlighted in one-piece models that are given movement with cut   details.

One of the striking details that have stood out in swimwear and bikini models this season is the cross ropes and flowers. Adding a subtle and stylish touch to classic bikinis and swimsuits, the ring details are also very interesting as they feel like they are carrying accessories on you.

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