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5 alternatives for summer tables

Bella Maison 's Jade, Violeta and Allure collections suit summer tables with their floral motifs and pastel colors. In addition to these models, which will open the appetite of your guests and warm the interior, if you prefer classics, you can also examine the models that stand out with their elegant patterns in the Vanessa series. 

A team dominated by geometric patterns will bring movement to your table. Kütahya Porcelain 's Aura and Galaxy Mat collection consists of serving plates, which are acclaimed for their simple and elegant designs, and pieces that are compatible with sets sold in sets.

If you prefer a simple but sophisticated table, White sets with gold detail are for you... You can create a nostalgic atmosphere in your home with vintage-inspired pieces.

Keramika It offers alternatives that appeal to different tastes, from African ethnic motifs to geometric patterns, From floral patterns to the concept of pizza. The Fairy Bird serving plate, which will make your presentations more stylish, is a dazzling detail...


Madame Coco signature, nature-inspired dining sets from the Leafy, Palme and Navy series are colorful alternatives to summer tableware...

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