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5 albums that you will not be able to listen to in rainy days

Dummy is an album that never gets old, even though the years have passed. In Every Song Dummy, who has shaped and popularized the genre of Trip Hop, takes us on a dark and melancholic journey through the steamy voice of Beth Gibbons. Featured tracks on the album are Roads, It Could be Sweet and it's a Fire.

Alone, released in 1957, is perfect for nostalgia lovers. Judy Garland is accompanied by Gordon Jenkins with his orchestra on this album. Alone is an album of fragile and heart-wrenching ballads centered around loneliness and sadness. The album features me and my Shadow, I Get Blues when It Rains and just a Memory.

Bon Iver, For me, is always one of the best “heartache” narrators. This album creates a musical feast by melting images of nature and “heartache”in one Crucible with its acoustic timbres that calm the listener and Bon Iver's heartfelt vocals. Featured tracks on the album are Skinny Love, Blindsided and for Emma.

Music Falling From Trees, composed for a contemporary dance play by London choreographer Adrienne Hart, invites us to melancholy for 30 minutes. Hart's play is about a man in a psychiatric hospital trying to protect his own identity. Broadreck's compositions, combined with piano and strings, turned out to be an excellent work. The featured tracks on the album are Patient Observation and Electroconvulsive Shock.

Eulogy for Evolution, in which Icelandic musician Olafur Arnalds describes his life's journey from birth to death, is at number 1 on my list. Arnalds, who does a near-flawless job with his strings and pianos, also doesn't hesitate to use post-rock elements on his album. For my part, the album's featured tracks are 0040, 1440 and 3055.

Bonus: 5 fall albums

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