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48 hours in Bozcaada

The answer to this question is classically immaculate sea, virgin nature, delicious appetizers, magnificent sunsets. But Mehmet Talay, one of the new generation representatives of the Talay family, whose history on the island dates back 400 years, emphasizes the importance of the island from the past, answering this question: “it must come to experience the culture of viticulture and winemaking that has been going on since ancient times.” Born in Bozcaada, Talay, who studied in Istanbul from primary school and returned to the land where he was born after finishing university, is responsible for the ties belonging to his family. 

The ferry, which you will board from the Geyikli Pier connected to Canakkale, takes you to Bozcaada after a journey of about 35-40 minutes. Ticket fees are paid as a round trip on the way. But let's note that during this busiest period of the season, long ferry queues form from the early hours of the morning. So make your plan to catch the 08: 00 Ferry. A little tip for long queues: there is enough parking near Geyikli Pier. Pull your car here, just make a bag for your daily belongings and get on the ferry on foot. Because this season, there can be a waiting time between 1.5 hours and 5 hours, since the only ferry is running Dec. In the evening, you can catch the last ferry and bring your car to the island. So you can spend your time on the beach in the queue. Although pre-booking is not required for the ferry, it is still useful to check Gestaş's online site. For return, you must make an online reservation. If you do not have a car, you can choose minibuses or taxis that leave in front of the pier after passing to Bozcaada.

There are some rituals that those who travel the island as guests do not skip. I'll start with them first. And then I'll tell you what they prefer if you want to live like a native of the island. Let's start with the guests. Left on the right as the ferry sails into the island Çınaraltı Cafe’also drinking a fatigue coffee is one of them. At noon, this time on the left in the same direction At Hafiz's Place home cooking can be tasted. Or watch the sunset in the afternoon Wind Roses’nin, you can go there. It's a truly extraordinary experience. Because it will be too crowded, it is worth acting a little early, getting a portable chair to sit next to you, and a nice Island wine and accompaniment for fun. Chair hire has been available since last year. Don't expect too much big and noisy entertainment on the island at night. Already all venues close at 24: 00 Under Covid 19 measures. But still, this time in the center, his name is mentioned along with the candidate Polente’you can also spend your drink sipping. 

So what does the island's Native do differently? For example, after a hard walk around the center in the early morning, he leaves himself in the sea in front of Salhane. It's windy in the morning, and the sea can be choppy, but it's quite peaceful. If you want, you can also start the day with a beautiful meditation. Then comes a coffee break at the flower bakery by Tahir Usta in the center. Or those who don't want to sit long-term at the Coffee shelter... Residents in the center do not prefer cool beaches or crowded beaches to get into the sea. Next to the ferry pier, just in front of the Castle, the tea gardens and cafes are ideal for sunbathing and entering the sea in front of it. Sun beds are free. You pay for what you eat, what you drink. All day long, the sea is enjoying itself, away from the chaos.  Necessarily I suggest you try.

As I mentioned at the beginning, if you want to spend a quiet day and not mix with the crowds, you should settle on the chaise longue of one of the cafes in front of the Castle. But I've come a long way, and if you say you're willing to take two beach trips a day, the choice is yours.

Habbele Bay and Habbele Beach:

Perhaps the most beautiful Bay on the island. The sea does not deepen at a long distance. There's always a light wind. The far right side of the sheep is open to the public. You can come here early in the morning and grab the best place. But, of course, provided that you bring umbrellas and sunbeds with you. A little further away is a resort that serves as a ‘beach’. Especially in these Corona days we're in, the controls are pretty tight. Everyone who enters the door has their fire measured. Deckchair distances are well adjusted. Toilets are disinfected after each guest's use, as are dressing cabins of the same shape. In short, comfort is provided one hundred percent. Entrance fee is 50 TL per person, including parking, umbrellas, sun beds, cabin use. A reservation is necessary. (0543) 642 21 73.

Sulubahçe Beach

If you ask my personal opinion, Bozcaada's most beautiful sea is here. It is not difficult to reach this beach in the south of the island, as vans constantly pass in front of it. Here you can use your own sun beds and umbrellas, as well as the facilities offered by the municipality for a fee. As you move towards ayazma, you will immediately see the place of Wahit. One of the island's iconic restaurants. It takes its name from its owner, Vahit Ulaş, and has served for 28 years. You won't believe the freshness, the variety of appetizers. Get ready for a real feast with fish, octopus, squid. And keep in mind that they make great raw burritos for little guests. For reservations: (0286) 697 01 30

Pelagos Beach
Pelagos Hotel is located in the Isdelik District of the island, the only hotel on the seafront with a private Bay. Although you do not stay at the hotel, you can use the beach. The pool is not open for use this year under Covid 19 measures. You can only go to sea. Entrance to the beach from outside is 100 TL per person per day. A 10 percent extra service fee is added to this. No extra charge for hotel stays. 
(0 286) 697 88 86

Ayazma Beach: Next to Vahit's place in the province of sulubahce. Sun beds and umbrellas are available, a sandy beach. Honestly, weekends are incredibly full. It's not ideal these days when we have to keep our distance. But don't miss the 55-year-old Korean restaurant right next door. The owner Kurtuluş Durmus said goodbye to life last year, but now his son Hussein Durmus and his wife Özlem, who took over the flag from him, run this place. Don't go back to the city without eating something in the Korean. For reservations: (0 286) 697 80 98

Aquarium Bay: You can spend the day here with two chairs and an umbrella. A calm and small bay with light stones. And the sea is magnificent.

Beylik Bay: A dense rocky Bay behind the aquarium Bay. A dry cargo ship that had been beached for a long time accompanied the photos here. Now the ship has been removed from the shore.

Meadow Bay: This bay in the north of the island is especially suitable for surfing and kite enthusiasts. Because there's always a strong wind. Lodosta is the best Bay to go to.

We ate, drank, traveled, and came to the end of 48 hours. First, if you have a car before leaving the island a day in advance gestas.com.tr book your return online at the address and print the license plate of your car on the ferry at the time of your destination. And be sure to be in the area at least half an hour before departure time. 

And what can we take with us from the island? Of course, it's priceless to come back with great memories, but when we get back to the city, it would be nice if we had something to remind us of them. Here are a few suggestions:

The island's most beautiful textiles, dresses, even small gifts are in Hasanaki in the Greek quarter. Established a few years ago and opening a bench in the center Bozcaada Women's Cooperativeyou can get all kinds of jam and homemade products made by Islander ladies. And you contribute to their personal budgets.  If we continue with food, it is again one of the places that introduce the reputation of island products beyond the sea in Veli Dede, which is located on the road down to the center. Grape juice, olive oil, tomato paste...

The island's ceramic workshops are also a good gift alternative. Reyhan, who has given life to the island's symbol Crows, fish in a stylized way in his workshop for many years, or earthen wind Ceramics with his modern work, must be visited. Your palates can be festive for a long time with what you buy from Tahir USTA, a flower bakery with bread, Izmir bomb and all kinds of delicious pastry products. And, of course, wine. You can choose from different brands of wines produced from the island's famous grapes such as Sergeant, Cardinal, Vasilaki, Kuntra. Çamlıbağ, Talay or Corvus. All of them have retail stores at different points in the center. It can even be tasted from time to time. It is important to find a product that suits your taste buds…

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