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4 weekend combination with patterned trousers

When combining patterned parts with pieces in different patterns, it is worth taking care that the colors of both parts are similar or harmonious. Otherwise, the combination may be too eye-catching and may look complicated.

It is also good to opt for simpler colors when combining your patterned trousers with flat pieces. They are options suitable for gray or white season for summer.

1. Combination: Pants-Silk road, T-shirt-Mango, Shoe-Mango
2. Combination: Pants-Zara, T-shirt-H&M, Shoe-Zara
3. Combination: Pants-Silk road, T-shirt-Zara, Shoe-Mango
4. Combination: Pants-Silk road, T-shirt-Zara, Shoe-Pearl Leather

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