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4 weekend combi with velvet details

Velvet is difficult to combine in some cases and will always make you look stylish and flashy...

Pants-Mango, Top-Silk Road, Shoe-Divarese, Lipstick-Urban Decay

a mannequin wearing a green jacket and black pants

Therefore, you can create a more sporty combination using velvet in more minimal areas.

Pants-Zara, Top-H&M, Shoe-Divarese, Lipstick-Kiko

a woman's body with a pink garment and a pink garment

Duck head green, burgundy and navy velvet are the most suitable colors... It will provide a good balance with your jeans, which you will choose to match these colors.

Pants-Koton, Top-H&M, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Mac

a pair of pants and a shirt

At the top, whether it's a sweater or a blouse, it's up to you!

Pants-Silk road, Top-Mango, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Nars

a person's pants and a shirt with a pink and black scarf
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