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4 weekend combi with spring dresses

With a red, pink, yellow, navy or floral patterned dress, you can create a style that is both comfortable and romantic and stylish over the weekend.

Dress-H&M, Shoe-Zara, Necklace-Koton

a pair of blue and yellow dresses

It will be much better in terms of the season if it has long sleeves.

Dress-Machka, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Necklace-Mango


Short thick heels will also make you look stylish and comfortable. You can easily use this combo, day or night.

Dress-Machka, Shoe-Mango, Necklace-Mango

a yellow dress and a pair of shoes

You can complete your style by buying a parka, denim jacket or leather jacket.

Dress-Silk road, Shoe-Mango, Necklace-Sun Sea

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