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4 weekend combi with natural tones

With the light top you prefer in patterned trousers, you can change the mood of the outfit and create a more energy-rich style.

Pants-Network, Top-H&M, Shoe-H&M, Necklace-Koton


In flat trouser sets, you can achieve a double-effect look by opting for tops in a more striking color or pattern.

Pants-adL, Top-Zara, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Necklace-H&M


With the arrival of the summer season, trendy slippers also took their place in the collections with new patterns and models. You can opt for this type of piece for a more sporty combination.

Pants-adL, Top-Zara, Shoe-Skin, Necklace-Koton


Stilettos are again one of the alternatives for more stylish combinations.

Pants-Touch Prive, Top-Mudo, Shoe-H&M, Necklace-Twist

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