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4 weekend combi with mini skirts

You can create a more mysterious feel by using a rose and square patterned shirt with a black skirt and boots.

Skirt-Zara, Shirt-Debenhams, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Dior

a pair of black and white shorts

Or you can achieve a contrasting fit by completing a bomber-cut jacket with a skirt and flat shoes.

Skirt-Forever New, Jacket-Tommy Hilfiger, Shoe-Adidas, Lipstick-Clinique

a pair of shoes and a coat rack

Those who can't give up color can boost their energy with a sweater and sports-cut shoe in more vibrant tones.

Skirt-Exquise, Kazakh-Mango, Shoe-MSGM, Lipstick-YSL

a pink and yellow striped shirt

The relaxing and soothing air of blue can also be an ideal option for the weekend combo.

Skirt-Machka, T-shirt-Mudo, Shoe-Hotic, Lipstick-YSL

a pair of white shirts
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