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4 weekend combi with jeans pieces

Especially denim shorts are sports cut, so you can easily evaluate them day or night with a striped shirt and a plunging heel.

Shorts-H&M, Shirt-H&M, Shoe-Pearl Leather

engineering drawing

In trousers, a white color and a comfortable piece will be suitable for the season and will have a good harmony with light colors.

Pants-Zara, Blouse-Zara, Shoe-Pearl Leather


In this period when floral motifs and embroidery are still popular, you can create a different combination with the charm of red and the romance of the rose pattern.

Skirt-Zara, Blouse-Mudo, Shoes-Adidas

background pattern

If you're fond of your comfort, a striped T-shirt and slippers will be a classic but always favorite style with a mini salopet.

Salopet-Koton, T-shirt-Mudo, Slippers-H&M

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