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4 weekend combi with colorful overalls

Overalls are generally both comfortable and stylish pieces, so it is possible to give a combined direction with the shoes and accessories of your choice. As the weather warms up, shorts and jumpsuits come to the fore.

You can achieve a sporty stylish and understated look by combining the colorful ones with close-up pieces. When you prefer one color, you can also add difference with more colorful and patterned shoes.

1. Combination: Tulum-Zara, Shoe-Zara, Necklace-Mango
2. Combination: Tulum-Forever New, Shoe-Mango, Necklace-Forever New
3. Combination: Tulum-Twist, Shoe-Mango, Necklace-Weekend

4. Combination: Tulum-Zara, Shoe-H& amp; M, Necklace-Forever New

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