a group of different colored clothes
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4 weekend combi with ambitious coats

Apart from classic black, gray and taba coats, you can create a different and attractive style by featuring colorful, patterned coats in your closet.

Coat-Beymen, Skirt-Forever New, Kazakh-Mango, Boots-Zara

a pair of pants and a pair of pants

You can evaluate different lines and styles, such as the harmony of yellow and gray, shades of pink, the appearance of fur.

Coat-Debenhams, Skirt-Zara, Sweater-Twist, Boots-Zara

a pair of pink and black clothing

If you prefer a patterned coat, you can use flatter and simpler pieces inside.

Coat-Simonetta Ravizza (Harvey Nichols), Skirt-adL, Kazakh-Network, Bot-adL


a pair of grey and black clothing

In flat coats, you can create the opposite contrast by using different colors and patterns.

Coat-Mudo, Skirt-Forever New, Sweater-Mango, Bot-Vepa

a brown trench coat and a black skirt
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