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4 weekend combi that evokes the spring

You can combine your jeans, which are a must-have part of sports combinations, with a sweater of your own. To make the combo stylish, the accessory you will use this weekend may be your colorful and patterned scarves. You can also complete your style with more colorful and flashy sneakers.

If you have chosen your scarf, which is one of the saviour accessories of both stylish and sports combinations, patterned, it is worth taking care not to choose your sweater too colorfully. Otherwise, your neck and upper part will look very complex. In addition, if you prefer a V-neck instead of a round collar, you will still avoid a complex and suffocating image.

1. Combination: Kazakh-Max&Co, Pants-Topshop, Scarf-Mango, Shoe-Asos
2. Combination: Sweater-Zara, Pants-Network, Scarf-Judge, Shoe-Zara
3. Combination: Cossack-Mango, Pants-Gap, Scarf-Mango, Shoes- New Balance
4. Combination: Sweater-Network, Pants-Zara, Scarf-H&M, Shoes- Topshop

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