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4 ways to transport Mediterranean blue to your home

You can easily combine shades of blue with earth colors or white. Use in this way will bring the calm air of the Mediterranean to your homes. Even the minimal aqua tones you use in decoration will blow a warm wind in your homes!

Carrie Bradshaw's Mr. Does anyone pay attention to the Blue ceramics in the kitchen of that wonderful Manhattan house where he lives with Big? Make room for Blue ceramics in the kitchen or bathroom. It may seem like a small detail, but it is possible to change the whole air of the room with the ceramic tile you will make on the wall. Especially with the reflection of the lights in ceramics, a warm air will blow in your home. Beyond the wide product palette, we say stop by Gorbon, who is a master in this business with special production products.

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For those who want to use shades of blue more boldly in their home, these furniture alternatives are great! You can go to colorful selections in the main pieces that will create your decoration, it is quite trending. Colorful and key preferences to accompany your home style, which you create in calm tones, will be the star of your home.

Some of us have a very colorful personality, and some of us want a change now? There is no obstacle to using Mediterranean blues as much as possible in your home decoration. Sometimes these extravagant uses of color take your home beyond mediocrity. If the blue color is exaggerated, be sure that it will not sink into your eyes at all, unlike red and its shades.

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