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4 seasons from Refika to 4 locality

The Mini Mini Lahmacun, which is offered as a starter, may be one of the best lahmacuns I've ever eaten in my life, which is the surest information that everyone passes out at the table. Refika, who mixed mincemeat with sausage on crispy softness and paired it with sour onion with sumble, completed this beautiful flavor with Pickled Juicy Pink Chili Buttermilk . The start, served as two the size of hazelnut lahmacun, was, in my opinion, the star of the menu.

Steamed Meatballs come in the intermediate heat. The meatballs paired with chilli and walnuts are simply exquisous. Immediately afterwards, a highly successful appetizer called The Perfect Eggplant Mütebbel and a Pomegranate, Pressure Salad with Four Greens (whistle: melted cheese on toast) are served. If you don't know the entrepreneur, we can briefly describe it as eggplant salad with tahini.

Refika prepared a plate called Reyhanli, Pistachio Meatballs, which thought she was Künefe as the main course. As soon as we get the menu at the beginning of the meal, the cheese that squirts out of it as soon as we cut the huge portion of meatballs, whose name intrigues us all, proves why you think you're a dogmeat. You need to go to Any at the earliest opportunity to understand the taste harmony left on my palate and the pleasure it creates in my brain, served with crispy cadaver wrapped around the cream and seasoned with bitter salt.

In the finale, there is Yufkada Mini Katmer, a must-have of Antep, which consists of rested softball, cream, sugar and peanuts.

This legendary menu, which you can find at Any in Arnavutköy until the end of April, costs 75 TL per person. Meanwhile, Chili Pink Buttermilk is charged an extra 10 TL. Note.

I don't know which country will come after the flavors of Gaziantep and Antakya, which is the first part of the 4 Seasons 4 Regional project, but I have no doubt that no matter which region Refika's hand is worth, there will be legendary results.

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