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4 routes for hiking

The Lycian Way, one of the most famous hiking trails in the world, is Turkey's first long-distance hiking trail. This road, which is 535 km in length, starts from Muğla and extends to Antalya. Offering both historical and natural beauties such as Oludeniz, Kabak Bay, Kaş, Demre, Finike, Adrasan, Çıralı, it is possible to complete the Lycian Way in 21 days. Before embarking on this amazing journey, be sure to read Kate Clow's book the Lycian Way and install one of the apps specially developed for this route on your phone. 

Only 10% of the Kaz Mountains, which extend from Çanakkale and Balıkesir, are national parks. The rest of the region has villages, plantations and January mines. Here you should set out with expert guides for professional hiking.  In an area with one of the highest oxygen rates in the world, you will walk through the center of mythological stories in which Mount Ida is a hero, and you will have a chance to swim in waterfalls. 

Kaçkars Artvin-Rize between the route and the most special walking decks... Accompanied by deep valleys, green forests, mountain lakes, Yesil tea plantations and rivers, you can experience the route in 30 days with expert guides for a shorter period. Don't skip reading books about the region!

Aladağlar surrounding Kayseri is a natural wonder that has been the subject of many folk songs... The altitude of this region, which welcomes you with glacial cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and caves, is almost 4,000... 

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