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4 recommendations that increase the chances of pregnancy

  • Age is an important criterion for having children. Therefore, pregnancy planning under the age of 35 means that you have a higher chance of conception.


  • Smoking and alcohol use negatively affect both men and women. Such substances reduce egg quality in women and sperm quality in men.


  • Eating healthily affects all organs of the body, as well as genitalia. In order for reproductive functions to occur in a healthy way, it is very important to consume healthy and correct nutrients. During and even before you try to conceive, you should consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins and avoid packaged products containing refined sugars and additives.


  • Stress is one of the factors that negatively affects reproductive functions. In a normal cycle, a healthy couple has a 25% chance of having children, while stress can reduce this rate to -13. In addition, stress causes premature ejaculation problems in men, which makes it difficult to conceive.

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