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4 recommendations for October 29

Abant Lake, a crater and puddle lake formed on the Abant Mountains 34 kilometers southwest of Bolu, offers a different beauty in every season. There are many hills in the parking lot, from 1400 meters to 1700 meters in height. Picnics, camping, sport fishing, hiking, cycling, buggy, horse riding, paragliding in Çepni Plateau and visiting Abant Natural Park promotion center and nature museum free of charge in Abant Lake region, which is 7 kilometers around. There are 2 5-star accommodations, bungalow accommodation units, camping and picnic areas and restaurants around the lake. You can also evaluate the hostels on the road to Abant.

The region, commonly known as Cappadocia, which includes Nevsehir, Kirsehir, Nigde, Aksaray and Kayseri, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you see the extraordinary rock shapes formed by the wind and water eroding of Erciyes Mountain and Hasan Mountain tuffs, you will go on a time journey in this region dating back to the historical Chalcolithic Period. In this region, you should visit Goreme National Park, Derinkuyu and Kaymakli Underground Cities, Karain Pigeonholes, Karlik Church, Yeşilöz Theodoro Church and Onion Archaeological Area...

For the curious:Cappadocia step by step in 2 days  

Bodrum, the popular address of the summer months, offers a different beauty for spring and autumn months. Moreover, you can still go to the sea due to the temperature that is above the normal seasons. Enjoy the fresh air and hike through the surrounding villages of Bodrum. In the center, you can visit Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Turkey's only underwater archaeological museum), Zeki Müren Art Museum. If you prefer yoga and meditation, consider the Vitalica Wellness Yoga and Meditation Camp at Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort. The camping program aims to refresh your mind and body at the highest level with daily yoga practice, healthy vegetarian eating, meditation sessions, the refreshing power of the sea and sun, and yogic teachings.

Mardin, one of the favorite routes of recent years, is one of the must-see points in our country with its unique architecture and social structure. First of all, you should walk among the stone houses in the center of Mardin without looking at your watch and experience this unique atmosphere. In the vicinity, there are many buildings you should visit, including Deyrulzafaran Monastery, Grand Mosque, Mardin Castle, Kasimiye Madrasa, Mor Gabriel Monastery, Forties Church, Shahidiye Mosque and Portico Bazaar. Do not return from Mardin without tasting rib stuffing, Assyrian Wine and almond sugar, without buying telkari jewelry!

Bonus: 48 hours in Bozcaada

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