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4 reasons to protect from the sun

UVA and UVB premature aging is inevitable as a result of the destruction caused by its rays on the skin. The sun, which causes the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, will accelerate the aging process and cause you to age earlier than usual. So avoid direct contact with the sun as much as possible to protect your youth, and especially in summer, it is necessarily highly protected and anti-aging use effective sunscreens. 

The sun, which has quite effective power on skin spots, is a strong factor in the formation of brown spots and freckles. Especially in people who sunbathe for long hours, this condition becomes more serious. Brown spots, which appear slightly first, darken over time and begin to show themselves well and become difficult to remove. If you have a skin that tends to stain SPF 50 get support from sunscreen creams and large straw hats when under the sun.

The sun's rays, which cause cell destruction, also negatively affect the skin's natural defense and self-renewal. Remember that even a mild sunburn causes serious damage to the surface of the skin. Add care products that will refresh and repair your skin to your maintenance ritual. 

Although we talk about the damage of the sun and talk about skin spots causing premature aging, there are much more serious parts of the job. Ultraviolet rays melanoma it is one of the main risk factors for skin cancer and causes skin cancer by damaging the DNA of skin cells. Therefore, be aware of the seriousness of the issue and be careful to take all measures that can be taken in this regard. 

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