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4 psychologist recommendations to strengthen your family ties

A common conclusion from many recent studies shows us that taking part in voluntary studies increases happiness levels and lowers the risk of depression. The benefits of volunteer work are not only that; research shows that volunteer work has its share in living a long life. Voluntary activities that you will participate in together will benefit you both individually and in a family sense. A family of happy individuals means a happy family. For example, you can devote a Sunday together to participate in a coastal cleaning activity. You will have a beautiful Sunday with the happiness and comfort of contributing to nature, yourself and your family. 

Eating together benefits both parents and children, creating a happier and more peaceful family environment. According to a study conducted at Brigham Young University, sitting down to a family meal, eating together, reduces the stress that mothers experience during the day, allowing them to relax. Another study shows that children who eat regularly with their families, bond during meals, are more successful at school. You can gather the whole family at the table by setting specific meal times for this activity. During the meal you will have many opportunities to share and bond…

One of the activities that will enhance your family ties is playing games together. By collaborating to move in a certain direction, you create a meaningful and beautiful bond during the game. Science also supports this: a study conducted at the University of California, for example, shows that families who play video/computer games together have better communication. Not only that, but good video games create a better familial satisfaction born of togetherness. Of course, it is very important to be attentive when choosing a game, choose a game that is both educational and fun, and work together to successfully complete this game. In this way, your family communication will be strengthened and the sense of satisfaction you receive from your family will increase. 

Tell your children stories about your family's past. Turn this into a conversation and share with your child stories that you think are important to getting to know their family; that you believe will be interesting, fun, or instructive. For example, you can choose a story from your own youth, or you can tell the story of your grandparents meeting. Thanks to such shares, you will get to know each other better and bond.  According to an article published in the journal Family Process, knowing your child's family history well improves your self-perception and increases your self-confidence.  Listening to family stories will also help your child understand other people's feelings and see and evaluate life as a whole.

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