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4 online museum proposals from Istanbul

The Pera Museum will be closed to visitors until March 31 in a bid to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Museum's collection exhibitions “Portraits From The Empire”, "City Of Dreams: Istanbul” and "Coffee Break”it is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions on graffiti in the world. "The Language Of The Walls"with, which brings together the colorful work that children produce in Pera learning workshops Dec. "Summer Summer Summer” his exhibitions are also offered to visitors in digital media. 

Turkish English and Turkish texts of the exhibitions, as well as a large number of visual materials can be accessed via Google Arts & Culture:  https://artsandculture.google.com/partner/pera-museum

Rahmi M. Aries Museum takes visitors who spend time from home due to coronavirus on a virtual tour through time. All it takes to see more than 14 thousand objects on display in the museum is a computer or smart mobile phone... marching to the museum, which is closed until March 31, 2020, as part of measures implemented due to the coronavirus that affects Turkey Google Street View he can visit as much as he wants. Including the museum's outdoor and indoor 23 thousand square meters area nostalgic train tour, submarine trip, carousel and play park, planes, classic cars and much more await visitors. 

Address for a virtual trip with the help of a computer, mobile phone or tablet:


Istanbul Research Institute at the time of its opening, it attracted great interest "Four-Legged Municipality”, "Sisli Mosque”, “Cab”, "Distant Impressions”, "Journey To The Center Of The East”, "Wooden Istanbul” and "Long Stories” he brings the titled exhibitions back to the audience at Google Arts & Culture. Four-Legged Municipality the exhibition sheds light on the changing adventure of stray dogs, which are an important part of everyday life in every period of Istanbul's social history, through religious, political and sociological transformations. Early Republican Period An Ottoman Structure: Sisli Mosque on the other hand, Cumhuriyet introduces the first monumental religious structure of Istanbul with photographs and texts. Travel To The Centre Of The East 1850-1950 because of the various curiosities and interests of Westerners, the exhibition is named 18. it tells the Istanbul-oriented story of their journey to the East since the century. Distant Impressions, 18. it consists of works by Luigi Mayer, who came to Istanbul with the British Ambassador Sir Robert Ainslie in the century, and his wife Clara Barthold Mayer, whom he met here, painting picturesque images of the city. Offering examples of wooden residential architecture such as German embassy summer residence,Kayseri Ahmed Pasha Mansion, Zeyrek district houses Wood Istanbul with, focusing on the historical topography of Istanbul via Melling and Dunn panoramas Long Stories other exhibitions that the institute has digitized include Dec.


Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, 2015-2018 Collection exhibition meeting with the visitor Dec. "The artist and his time"explore ni with 3D tour. 109 artists The exhibition, which includes 193 works and offers a field of thought about the connection between the time of the artist and the time of society, culture, nature and the universe, is in a virtual environment Dec. from this link references

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