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4 most made mistakes in home decoration

Indiscriminate furniture purchases, regardless of the size and plan of the place, often result in disappointment. When the big comfy seats you like under the spotlight in the store come home, it can lead to rhetoric like, "Anyway, when guests come to dinner, I'll pull the couch forward." In order not to experience similar situations, we recommend that you prepare a draft plan of the venue and go shopping. Today, almost all furniture stores serve architecture. Request that the furniture be placed in a scaled-up drawing by sharing the dimensions of the space.

a living room with a large glass wall

Under the heading "Proper lighting", we should write pages. But the bottom line is that lighting should not be treated only as a decorative element. We're talking about something that could cure most of the "My house is so bleak, it doesn't get any light" rhetoric. It's our priority to make the most of daylight. The trick is to illuminate the interior in a homogeneous way when we cannot benefit from daylight. It is possible to achieve ideal values by examining the color, intensity and distribution of light. Be sure to prefer daylight light sources indoors. White light is only suitable for use in display or display areas. You can try dimmer systems to adjust the intensity of the light. So you can adjust the intensity of the light according to your needs.

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Who wants to live in a uniform, low-energy space? Using multiple colors and textures in the space makes that space look much more energetic and rich. If we were to make this a rule, our motto would be "At least three colors, three textures in every interior!" For example, if you want to use You preferred gray on the walls of your salon, and your sofa is navy blue. You can also try using the third color in a single seat, curtain or carpet. Remember that we are talking about the main colors used in the space, accessories are not included in this trio. If we sample all three texture rules; Let's say that you use brass details in metal components and lighting elements, while your furniture is wooden, in this case you can complete the third texture with a center table with marble table.

a living room with a couch and a coffee table

You may experience sad results in places where you have not predetermined and designed the purpose and users of use. Before designing spaces, it is necessary to determine the functions of the spaces. You can add multiple functions to a space. Determining which users will spend time most often in the designated places of use is another important issue. For example, you decided to use a room at home as both a living room for parents and a playroom for children. In this case, you should make a plan in the space that will both provide the necessary conditions for the safety of children and not affect the comfort of their parents. The living spaces of the elderly and users with special conditions should also be designed with solutions aimed at improving the quality of life, taking into account the functions to be added to the space.

a room with a couch and a table with a rug and a rug
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