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4 ideas for wall decoration

Before I look at the images, let me give you a brief information. Yağmur Yörük is a great artist I met recently. He prefers to sketch with pencil first and then paint using matte interior paint when creating his works that will be very interesting. Rain, which usually does free-hand drawing, uses reflection or grid methods on large surfaces. Let's examine his work, which he prepared under the sponsorship of Dyo boya.


Created with ceramics or painted tiles, these styles take your walls one step ahead.You can also change the style of your home to a different size with different sizes and colors of ceramics that you choose in your home.

Of course, I wouldn't skip the wallpaper! You can also get an elegant image when creating contrast in your rooms with different styles of wallpaper of your choice.

Gross concrete walls treated with different motifs are quite noble to us. We'll say examine it...

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