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4 gourmet places in Urla

The Vineyard Route project, which undoubtedly brought two visionary winemakers together and implemented in 2016, which has brought the small, decidedly Aegean resort of Urla to the agenda most recently. In the west of Izmir, in the south of Urla, the Vineyard Road is the name given to the road that connects all the wine producers in this region. In other words, you can follow this route and visit the place of the wine producer of your choice, taste, stay in some of them and buy the product you want. Think of it as a kind of Napa Valley... although there have been some restrictions on venue visits under Covid 19 measures now, there are still no gastronomic visitors to Urla. 

It's not just the vineyards, ‘Chef restaurants’ are the ones that add value to Urla's face. These are intimate places like their counterparts abroad. Menus are created with strictly local, seasonally grown –many of them even self - produced. We don't need to tell each of them that you need to make a reservation. You should even book a few days in advance if possible. Because places are limited, bookings for the weekend fill up in a very short time. Yes, you can still enjoy the sea in Urla in this beautiful September, of course, but if you ask What are the four must-see gastronomic addresses, here are my suggestions… 

As you enter the main door in your car and move a little further, you encounter a long pool accompanied by palm trees on the edge and a long building running parallel to it in front of it. Just behind this main building, there are connections as far as the eye can see. No matter what season you go, nature is great. Grapes such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Narince, Kalecik Karası, Viognier, Grenache and Mourvedre are carefully grown in the 550-acre vineyards. And there is the Land of Urla, which you can only taste here, and its story is proud. Can Ortabaş, one of the partners of the business, first sends a grape root that he has researched and found with the people of the region to universities abroad for DNA research. This example bears no resemblance to any grape root. As part of a joint project of Sabancı University and TUBITAK in Turkey, Ortabash, who investigated and found that this root is a completely different grape root, gives this new grape root the name Urla Karasi. Currently, Urla Karasi wine is produced as premium. 
In addition, Urla winemaking has more than 300 national and international awards with different products. It also has a two-room guest house. Cellar trips in the pre-pandemic period are unfortunately not possible now, but you can taste wine. They serve from 17.00 on Sundays to 18.00 on weekdays. (0 232) 759 01 11.

This is a great ‘chef's restaurant’ in Kuşçular Mevkii. Chief Ozan Kumbasar, along with his wife Seray, escaped the chaos of Istanbul and settled in Urla. They turned the place, an old Urla house, into a great restaurant. The menu changes every week. Most of the main dishes are cooked in the wood oven for long hours. On Tuesdays, the day the menu changes, you can call and get information from the front. During the pandemic, they serve 9 tables in the garden. There's 2.5-3 meters between the decks. This place will probably remind you of a place in Italy. And so normal. Because Chef Ozan Kumbasar has also been interested in cuisine and especially Italian food throughout his life. His wife, Seray Hanım, is a wonderful host. He takes care of each table one by one. Bard Chef answers your questions about food with great sincerity. (0232) 759 00 30

Another private address in kuşçular is Manej. A Quiet Place on the vineyard route. Within 50 acres, it has a 13-room guesthouse and a 35-seat restaurant. Rooms for two. Additional beds can October in the suite rooms. Overnight decks range from £ 900-1. 250. If you like horses, you'll definitely love it here. If you give notice when booking, you can also set a time for a riding lesson. 

Chief Osman Sezener's od Urla is my favorite address in Urla. A glass and iron building in the middle of an olive grove where trees are frequent. More precisely, we are talking about a building with the appearance of a giant greenhouse. Inside is a large open kitchen with a wood oven and a giant chef's table surrounding it... seasoned chef Sezener has turned his family lands and homes into such a place. He is a chef who knows the Aegean very well, knows the ingredients well. The menu often changes according to seasonal ingredients. If you want, you can also order a tasting menu where you will dominate the entire menu. Fish, meat, vegetables are sourced directly from the manufacturer.Juliette: By the way, the dishes are as great as the presentations decked out with handmade plates. Because of the pandemic process, Service is provided under olive trees in the garden. (0532) 696 39 30

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