a group of different colored dresses
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4 different combos with the same pleated skirt

You can create a combination suitable for everyday use by combining it with more vivid colors or by opting for a flat sole shoe.

Skirt-Koton, Top-Koton, Shoe-Mango, Lipstick-Note

a pair of white dresses

When preparing for the office or the night, it is worth choosing from the essential heels. In colors, darker tones or pastel tones will come in handy.

Skirt-Koton, Top-Zara, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Nars

a mannequin wearing a dress

Sneakers can also be a good alternative when creating a comfortable and sports combination.

Skirt-Koton, Top-Mango, Shoe-H&M, Lipstick-Shiseido

a pink dress and shoes

In such combinations, it is better to avoid vivid shades of colors such as pink and yellow.

Skirt-Koton, Top-Zara, Shoe-Mango, Lipstick-Nars


a dress and a lamp
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