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4 different combos with the same jeans

Especially dark denim trousers can blend very well with other shades of blue and main colors such as white and black and take on a classic or rebellious feel.

Pants-Twist, Top-Twist, Shoe-Zara

a pair of black and blue pants

It is possible to create a trendy look despite being classic with white color while catching an unusual harmony with dark shades such as burgundy and mustard.

Pants-Twist, Top-Zara, Shoe-Zara

a group of clothes on a wall

Cast or asymmetrical, striped shirts double the effect, while T-shirts will help you create a sports style.

Pants-Twist, Top-Forever New, Shoe-Pearl Leather

a pair of blue and white pants

Pants-Twist, Top-Zara, Shoes-H&M

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