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4 different combos with the same blouse

In patterned parts, it is important for integrity to complete a solid part in a color that you will choose from the colors in as many patterns as possible.

Blouse-Zara, Shorts-Silk road, Shoes- Zara



You can also use red, black or blue color in skirts and trousers or shoes, bags or jewelry.

Blouse-Zara, Skirt-Machka, Shoe-Pearl Leather


Black and white will always be savior colors. It will make you look simpler and more stylish.

Blouse-Zara, Pants-Koton, Shoe-Hotic


In addition, anvelop blouses often have a more feminine texture, so you can create a feminine elegance with romantic pieces, while matching sports pieces.

Blouse-Zara, Pants-H&M, Shoes-H&M

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