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4 different combos with a shiny skirt

You can make a much more sporty combination with a top with a rock band logo or a plain T-shirt that will make you look much more rebellious and cool.

Skirt-Zara, Top-H&M, Shoe-Mango, Lipstick-Mac

a pair of black and red shorts

For more stylish alternatives, you can use shirts in colder tones. If you prefer the shirt in more cast forms, you will maintain the sports and daily air of the boiler.

Skirt-Zara, Top-Zara, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Nars

a pair of pink and white dresses

In addition, the dominant colors can put the skirt behind you, so the simpler and calmer the top, the more advantageous you are!

Skirt-Zara, Top-MAngo, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Lipstick-Nars

a pair of white and brown dresses

Skirt-Zara, Top-Max&Co, Shoe-Network, Lipstick-Note

a pair of shoes and a purse
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