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4 different combos with a lace skirt

If you are one of those who say powder tones are best suited to powder shades, you can also combine powder pink with red details.

Combination: Skirt-Zara, Jacket-Zara, Shoe-Vepa 62, Necklace-Mango

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Or, if you're in favor of simplicity, you can complement it with silver jewelry and extreme colors like gray and white.

Skirt-Zara, T-shirt-Mango, Shoe-Zara, Necklace-H&M

a pair of shorts and a pair of shoes on a bed

In summer, the color of pomegranate blossom suits the shades of blue! Make sure you give it a shot!

Skirt-Zara, Blouse-H&M, Shoe-Mango, Necklace-Mango

a pair of shoes and a flag

For a more mysterious and cool image, of course, the first color that comes to mind may be black.

Skirt-Zara, Forever New, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Necklace-Forever New

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