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4 different combos with a denim shorts

In addition to flat denim shorts, denim shorts in different cuts and colors will add a difference.

Shorts-Koton, Top-Mango, Shoe-Pearl Leather, Lipstick-Estee Lauder

shape, arrow

Crop tops, front-tied blouses, T-shirts or cast shirts make your denim shorts easy to use in everyday style and get a trendy look.

Shorts-Koton, Top-Twist, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Chanel

a white bed with a white sheet and a bottle of wine

When jeans become color, vibrant and harmonious colors such as blue, white, green, pink and orange are the first colors that come to mind.

Shorts-Koton, Top-Zara, Shoe-Zara, Lipstick-Clinique

a few different colored clothes

Patterned pieces will also balance the sports vibe of denim shorts with an assertive look. It is also worthwhile to prefer colorful and light models in shoes.

Shorts-Koton, Top-Twist, Shoe-Mango, Lipstick-YSL

a pair of blue and white striped shirts and a pair of jeans
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