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4 denim styles you need to try

Using the belly part with short basic tops or front-bound shirts to leave little exposed is a favorite style of famous supermodels. They often combine with pieces such as boots or sandals and large handbags to create a sporty but assertive style.

Hannah Ferguson walking down a street

Supermodels who get a sexier and more assertive look with short tops that end under the chest called crop tops often prefer elegant and simple heels for such combinations. That way, they're more interested in the top.

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Denim salopets, a key part of sporty, casual or bohemian style, are also favourites of Victoria's Secret angels. Especially flat sole shoes, boots and messy natural hair are ideal for this style.

Matia Jackett in a blue dress

Who doesn't like mini-denim skirts or shorts? Angels, on the other hand, like to combine such pieces with more comfortable, shabby or flat-cut pieces. Being cooler with a messy look is the key word for this style.

a woman walking down a street
Liu Wen walking on a street
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