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4 alternatives to get rid of sunspots

Blemishes on the skin can be triggered by hormonal changes, acne, abrasions and sores on the skin, medications, and sometimes they can appear completely without cause due to personal characteristics.

Undoubtedly, the most important factor that creates, darkens and perpetualizes the spots is the sun's rays. Therefore, especially in the first months of summer, when the spots become apparent, the search for a cure begins. However, since it may be inconvenient to do most stain treatments due to the sun's rays in summer, it is important to consider this period only as a time of protection. In summer, it is necessary to use sun protection factor creams in exposed body areas, not only on the beaches during the holidays but also when walking on the street.

Time to fight stains

If the summer months are over and the sunny days are behind us, if there are spots left on the skin, then the time to fight the stains begins. There is a wide range of treatment options for removing stains. But it is necessary to know that these treatments are not superior to each other, the most effective and correct treatment should be chosen individually and to the stain. Treatment can be planned with various creams that people can use at home or with various professional applications made by dermatologists.

It should be remembered that regardless of which treatment is chosen, stain treatment can take a long time, so patience is required. If the stains are not very dark, large, deep and have been present for a long time, treatment can be done with cosmetic creams used daily. These creams, which are used 1-2 times a day and must be used together with creams containing sunscreen factors, contain a wide range of active ingredients such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid), arbutin, mandelic acid, lactobinic acid and salicylic acid.

You can consult a dermatologist to find out which cream is best for you. Chemical peeling is one of the most common applications used to eliminate stains. In this process, some acidic substances are applied to the skin surface by your doctor, peeling the top layer of the skin and regenerate the skin itself. This process, which requires several sessions according to the depth of the stain, is often preferred because it is practical, fast and reliable.

In addition, PRP, micrognesming, mesotherapy and various lasers are other methods used in the treatment of stains. All these processes can be preferred alone or 2-3 methods can be used together.

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