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30 thousand seedlings were planted in cooperation with Yves Rocher Foundation and Nature Conservation Center

The Konya closed basin is one of the most affected regions in Turkey by climate change. Drought, wind erosion and sandstorms, which have increased in number and influence in the region in recent years, negatively affect agricultural soils, agricultural production and life in general. For this reason, this region was selected for the Turkish leg of the Plant for the Planet project, launched by the Yves Rocher Foundation in 2007, in order to prevent problems such as drought, erosion, and reduced biodiversity. The region, which has a significant share in agriculture in Turkey, faces intense water stress and desertification in the near future. In this context, planting to combat wind erosion takes place around the agricultural lands in the villages of Yukar Sendelen, Aşağı Sendelen and Açıkuyu of Konya Ereğli.

Yves Rocher Foundation and Nature Conservation Center in cooperation with the importance of the project Nature Conservation Center soil and Water Conservation Coordinator Melike Bird, “Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the support of the central and provincial organization in the region for many years we have been making wind curtain applications and we see positive results. This year, there were several very intense sandstorms in Konya Ereğli and we lost fertile agricultural lands. In this sense, our afforestation work with the Yves Rocher Foundation will contribute greatly to the struggle of the region with wind erosion and the protection of its soil.” 30 thousand tree planting is scheduled to be completed in mid-December.

The Yves Rocher Foundation is reaching its goal of planting 100 million trees in 5 continents, 35 countries by the end of 2020 with the support of 46 different non-governmental organizations worldwide through its Plant for the Planet program, which it has been carrying out since 2007. 1 seedling is planted every 3 seconds with this program started by Yves Rochervakfi.

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