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3 yoga lessons you can follow at home

Wanting to create benefits for the body health of his followers who are at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Boyner recommends different activities that he can do at home every day with a call to “stay at home but don't stay still.” Followers get the opportunity to exercise regularly and increase body resistance thanks to workout videos featuring Expert Sports Trainers. Cros“Functional Training” training with sfit trainer Fatih Tiraki, with Halil Kılıç "Total Body Workout", With mine Yilmazbilek "Kick Box Dance”, With Tuğrul Çağrı "Entrance To The Cave 101"followers show great interest in such works. With marine Orbay "Hip Opener Yoga At Home”, "Immune System Strengthening Yoga”, With Birnur Lightning "Pilates At Home” his videos are also among the shares that benefit and attract attention for the body.Dec. Also, these days, when we are all at home, cosmetics and skin care experts answer questions from those who care about their skin through online shares. The Program's Boyner Instagram you can access it from his account. 

Macfit gyms temporarily closed due to Covid-19 outbreak but trainers Instagram and he posts regularly through his YouTube account.  You can follow the weekly program in many areas such as home exercises, yoga, pilates, dance, cardio.

Cihangir Yoga, which has been in operation since 2006, has also closed its halls due to the epidemic, while focusing on online classes. Part of the lessons from all levels focused on Hatha Yoga YouTube you can follow it for free from the channel, and you can also participate in private lessons for only $ 25 with the online payment option from the site. 

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