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3 villages you should see in Gökçeada


ferry you ride from Kabatepe is about an hour and a half later. This distant distance from the mainland makes Gökçeada inaccessible at times, especially in the conditions of the harsh last winter. Formerly Iμβs (Imvros) was named after Gökçeada in July 1970. Since ancient times it is estimated that the settlement has been. For example, Homeros, where he wrote in the epic of Ilyada, speaks of the island:

In the

depths of the sea
Between Bozcaada and steep Imbros
Above the cliff
There's a cave, wide mouth open
Poseidon trembles the earth
He stopped the horses there.


is still known as an island where Greeks and Turks live together, but the number of Greeks is very small compared to the beginning of the last century. Five percent of the population, about 300 people live in the Greek island. In fact, in the Treaty of Lausanne, signed in 1923, he had an autonomous status together with Bozcaada. It was even excluded from the exchange between the Turkish and Greek population. But by a law issued on June 26, 1927, the privileges granted to the Greeks were lifted on both islands, and that's when the sad story of Gökçeada began. He also migrated and immigrated for reasons that could be the subject of another long article.

Although many things have changed, the island still preserves its authentic appearance in some places. And the way to see it closely goes through a trip to the villages of the island. You will definitely need a car, as there is no common public transport on the island of 245 square kilometers.

Tepeköy, where the most Greek population lives, or Agridia under the Greek name, is the highest point on the island. It is 11 km from the center. You will notice the old chapel somewhere to the right of the road when you climb up to the curl. In fact, in almost all of the villages on the island, these small chapels were built outside the villages consciously. Thus, they intended not to disturb the people of the village and make their worship more comfortable while sacrifing the dead. A few years ago, Barba George Taverna is waiting for you as a great restaurant alternative in the village, which is a bit quieter. The appetizers are great, live music is also in the season. However, you must make a reservation before. Don't even ignore the possibility of chatting if you come across Yorgo, who gave the name of the restaurant. George, who lived in Istanbul in the 1960s, can give you interesting information about the history of the island and can tell about the Istanbul taverns of that period. Uncle Yorgo went back to the village where he was born 15-20 years ago and worked a lot to develop this place. He restored houses, improved boarding houses. When I left years ago, today's little restaurant in the village square known only as Yorgo's Place

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