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3 trends that lead beach fashion

The ring details,which give the usual classic bikinis and swimsuits a subtle and retro touch, give you the feeling of carrying accessories. For this trend, which provides a stylish and confident look, all you have to do is find the ring width that suits your style.

Leopard prints and thin bands are the most notable details in season fashion, where wide leg games of the 80s and 90s and square collar thin straps are back.

2019 bikini and swimwear fashion is eye-catching. From the new season trends, swimwear and bikini modelsdesigned with laces and ropes have a very stylish appearance. Prepare to blow like the wind on the beaches in the summer season of 2019! You can have a more dynamic and cool look with lace-up and polka-ish designs. In bikini bottoms, bikini tops and swimsuits, you can take advantage of the functional and stylish advantages of rope detail. At the same time, you can complete your style with beautiful beach dresses.

Get ready to find plenty of ruffles under bikini bottoms, on the straps and sides of swimsuits, and in bikini tops. The unique romantic look of the ruffle detail gives the same touch to all the swimsuits and bikinis it is used in. The ruffle trend,which will add childishness as well as movement to your beach look, is ready to take its place in your holiday suitcase in much more feminine forms, unlike what you wore as a child.

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