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3 reasons to go to Bergama

The first time I set foot, it's not yet Turkey'S UNESCO World Heritage Sitewhat wasn't taken. But the work was going on very tightly. The local government owned the issue personally. For the first time in Turkey, a special team called ‘World Heritage and Area Management Unit’ was established within a municipality. The five-person team brought together the knowledge and experience of public institutions and academia Dec. However, he also involved different NGOs. For example, the photos to be placed to apply for the list were taken by amateur photographers participating in photo-marathons organized by the Bergama amateur Photographic Art Association (beafsad). And at the end of this painstaking work came success in 2014, Bergama was included in the list.

If you decide to visit Bergama, which has an eight-thousand-year history, you should also see the nearby Kozak Plateau. Let me emphasize that the grapes grown here in particular are not saturated with taste.
As for why we should visit Pergamon... we can actually consider three good reasons for this... 

At the same time, it is necessary to see the classical period structures and ruins that make it to the World Heritage list. 
To tell you the truth, long before Pergamon, I visited the Pergamon Museum on the island of museums in Berlin. I was so impressed... I couldn't believe how they managed to completely dismantle the entire altar of Zeus and re-erect it in a museum abroad. But as for Bergama, the extent of this influence has increased even more. Pergamon means ‘high settlement’ in the Hittite language. Helen was home to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures. Turkey's largest World Heritage Site after Istanbul includes the Acropolis, Asclepion, the Red courtyard aqueducts extending from Kozak to Kale Hill, tumuli, Ottoman Arasta, the Great Mosque, the sanctuary of Kapukaya Kybele, Selinos Creek and the historical bridges over it. 
You take a cable car to enter the ruins, and when you get off, you come to the wonderful ancient theater after a short walk. Overlooking the Bakırçay Plain, this theater is so steep that when you look at the stage below, you get dizzy. From here, it is possible to dominate the entire bakırçay plain. The theater is also very impressive with its posture in general. A few years ago, with an application prepared by university students under the support of an IT company, you could imagine and watch the ruins in front of your eyes as if they were in their original state. But it doesn't work right now because the app hasn't been updated. The Pergamon library, whose foundations can only be seen today inside the Pergamon Acropolis, is considered the oldest library in Anatolia. Even from Ephesus, this library once had 200 thousand rolls of writing, and the scrolls on which these rolls were made were M.Ö 2. From century to century, it spread from Pergamon to the world. 

The historical wealth in Pergamon does not end in sightseeing. On your way down from the Acropolis to Asklepion on the other side of Bergama, you pass through the streets where the old Turkish houses with two decks and bay windows are lined. Even though they are in ruins, there are still those who have not lost anything of their elegance. It is impossible not to admire the woodwork on the ceilings,the tile floor tiles used. 
Asclepion, M.Ö 4. It was founded in the century. It is the first known psychological hospital in its present sense. Here, patients are treated with water treatments, a spa, a mud bath and sports activities. And an important method of treatment is indoctrination in a tunnel built underground. It is also possible to pass through this tunnel today. Water still flows through the gutters on either side. The ceiling has a small window every few meters. At that time, patients were asked to go from one end of the tunnel to the other on their own. As the patient walked, the healers at the window suggested: "you will be fine, everything will be fine!” 
The red courtyard is an old temple in the middle of Pergamon today. It takes its name from the red brick used in its construction. Although it is not standing today as a whole, it really stands very imposing. 


How about taking a break from the historical decks and seeing the urban shell of Pergamon? The Roman quarter, the Castle Quarter take you to another dimension of time travel with its ancient Greek and Turkish structures. With its colorful painted walls, doors and window sills, the streets of Pergamon also promise beautiful squares for photography enthusiasts. It continues to preserve its authenticity with its local occupations, small shopkeepers, children playing in the street, its colorfully painted walls. Historically, boots, papuççu, texting and zahireçiler have always operated in Pergamon Arasta. Although the world has changed, shoemakers are still in the arasta. 

Pergamon deserves to be listed as a World Heritage site. Gastronomically, their palates also have festive products. Tulum cheese, named after him, is very famous. This cheese was first made in the Yoruk villages of Bergama. It is said that the most delicious one is made in the village of Chaltikoru, where the Yoruks of Karakeçili live.

One of the addresses to come to Bergama and stop by is the Bereket breakfast Hall. Ibrahim Koç, who has been a dairy farmer for more than 60 years, has great honey, cream and hot milk! Uncle Ibrahim is serving from 06.00 to 13.30. Dec. It costs £ 40 per person. Another breakfast place is Yenigün breakfast Hall. Despite his advanced age, uncle Ashraf makes cheese and cream himself. The milks are freshly milked cow's milk, honey pine and flower mixed and of course incredibly delicious. And on the way to the ancient city, there are Salepcioglu halvas, a family business that has been going on for more than 100 years. Halva is gorgeous, not very produced to maintain its freshness. For your information, they also have a special dessert that they produce during Ramadan. 

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