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3 movies on a 3-day break 3 book recommendation

The 2017 film tells the story of a little girl's best friend, a creature named Okja, being abducted by other people. The film stars Tilda Swinton, Pal Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal; The future effects of technology have been referred to in different human psychology as well as the great wars that have taken place in history. (IMDb 7.3/10)


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In the 2017 film; Miguel wants to be a musician, but his parents oppose him. The story tells the story of what happened to Miguel during his journey to the Land of the Dead when he met his great-great-grandfather, a musician. The film, which won an Oscar for best music, will give you a musical feast. (IMDb 8.4/10)


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The 2016 Spanish film is the right one for those looking for excitement and immersion. Waking up in a hotel room next to his dead girlfriend, the young businessman hires a famous lawyer to understand how he became a murder suspect and time is against him. (IMDb 8.1/10)


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Dr. Rick Hanson has a different perspective on self-help books. It aims to teach us how to get our brains out of bad and focus on the better by taking excerpts from clinical psychology. When you finish the book, it will give you a different perspective and make you realize how bad we live our lives.


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The exact correct description for this book is "A book that will warm you up". Does the life you choose make you happy? Or to live the wishes and preferences of others; Tired of trying to make others happy? If you feel lost in the chaos of life, a book that will take you to the light and allow you to discover yourself.



The power of thought, being positive all the time, that's not possible. It is also necessary to accept life with its negativity. Our experience also helps us accurately measure the value we give to what we have. Actually, that's where our writer comes in. The problem is learning how to deal with the millions of factors we face during the day.


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