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3 easy ways to control oily skin

Cleaning lotions containing alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic and lactic acids) and beta hydroxy acid (such as salicylic) free your skin from dead skin cells, remove clogged pores and save from bad bacteria. It is worth adding such products to your cleaning routine, but sensitive skin should avoid these highly peeling acids, which can cause skin irritation when used excessively.

You can also try using a tonic that prevents glare and balances lubrication to prevent glare and clean the oil in areas where lubrication and glare are high. Instead of applying the cotton you have soaked with the tonic to the desired area, apply it with a buffer movement. Wait until it dries, then apply your serum or cream.

When we start the day, we don't feel the glow under the influence of makeup. But by midday, the glow in the face is one of the biggest problems for those with greasy skin. You can use mattifying powder and make-up products specific to oily skin to control this lubrication, which usually occurs in the T-zone. Oil-absorbing wipes can also come in handy.

Since fat slows down skin cells, dead cells cannot easily surface, which causes pores in the skin to become clogged. At this point, problems such as acne and black spot arise. Pore cleansing face brushes can be used to cleanse pores and skin, but if you are being treated, you should avoid these products that can irritate the skin. Again, you can clean your pores with the help of a lotion and peeling. Remember, when treating lubrication, you should take care not to dry your skin.

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