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3 amusement parks where you can visit with a virtual tour

It is undoubtedly one of the places in the world that almost everyone necessarily wants to see 'Disneyland'. Another of the alternatives you can enjoy in the Disney World is 'Disney World.'What if we said You could take a step-by-step Tour of 'Disney World' in Orlando, USA? From here You can take a 1-hour virtual tour. This link and you can follow the content Disney has prepared specifically for quarantine days. 

The heart of Hollywood is also famous for its Universal Studios amusement parks... A virtual tour where you can visit your homes step by step with one click here

All Legoland addresses around the world, including those in Istanbul, are closed for the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak... But Legoland's from official site you can join the virtual tour. Then continuing your lego collection at home is another alternative...

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