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24 June Capricorn full bear and its effects

Dear coaches and rising coaches; with the full moon in Capricorn this week, you can be dragged into some problems, especially in business issues. So your mind can constantly dive into money issues, you will work to create new alternative business issues, improve your financial opportunities and keep what you have. It looks like it's going to be a challenging week between you and your superiors or bosses Dec. As a family, you are also worn out. In matters of love, you may have opportunities to end a relationship and start a new one, because you are very crowded and remarkable. It outweighs your leadership and adds charisma to you.

Dear Bulls and rising Bulls; this week there may be legal issues, jobs connected abroad, your educational life or your spouse's relatives, perhaps problems between you and your distant relatives Dec. It's a time of struggle, there are compelling effects around you, you can force yourself to tell people things and find solutions. The person you love can be in power battles, and it is up to you to deal with him in the most reasonable way. From the end of the week, you will relax financially. You'll be lucky to have partners in business matters. There may be obstacles to travel. 

Dear Twins and rising Twins; Capricorn Full Moon for you; revealing hidden issues one by one, friction in your partnership area, the decision to break up with your partners, or the situation of your partner, partner leaving work may be raised. Currency trading, such as inheritance issues, debts, loans, will be active, but it will have such compelling effects. In matters of love and love, your flirtations and exchange of love are conceived in beautiful developments, you will be completely connected and willing to your family issues. You'll want to spend time at home and hug your loved ones.

Dear crabs and rising crabs; you are in a week where you must avoid revenge. You may be going through a challenging time in your relationship, power battles, intrigue, controversy, debate, and would get exhausted by you to step aside, to get your own back, you can choose a difficult process, although once you get past this period, you'll be able to continue as your confidence regained. There are issues and events that need to be resolved in bilateral relations. These should be put on the table and spoken clearly. You'll see that there's nothing to talk about and not deal with the effect of Jupiter. 

Dear Lions and rising Lions; No matter how difficult you are in your daily life, routine running, working environment, these difficulties do not intimidate you, on the contrary, make you even more determined and ambitious. Especially in your business life, clinging to everything with four hands, waging war on those around you, extracting what you don't want, the mood that is integrated with the word I am not chosen, I choose, is reflected in your attitude. With the full moon in Capricorn, you are at a decision stage in your daily routine. Activities such as nutrition, diet, sports should be increased, teeth, skin, bones should be paid attention to health, routine checks should be made. 

Dear Virgo and Rising Virgo; disappointments, difficulties in love and flirting, relationships are waiting for you this week, especially those who have children, problems with their children may arise, they may experience power wars, disputes. Spending this energy on sports by converting it, leaning towards your hobbies, finding different pursuits can help to calm you down a little bit. You should pay more attention to your personal development, work to enjoy life, make a clear decision about love, flirting. You are not in a suitable process for investments. 

Dear scales and rising scales; this week you can make changes to your family life or where you live, and make unexpected sudden changes. A number of different issues on real estate, such as moving, relocating, buying a house, selling a house, are on your agenda. In general, you strive to be fair in your relationships, in fact, you are calm and balanced in your words, speech and behavior. You're confident and cautious in your own mood. Along with the full moon, you can experience an ending and ending in home and family themes. The scales faced with such a situation are able to overcome it.

Dear Scorpions and rising Scorpions; this week there are harsh situations with close relatives, brothers or people you see as close as brothers. Disputes, internal unrest are on your agenda. If you are a frequently displaced Scorpio, you should take precautions against minor accidents, obstacles, problems that may occur during your short travels. This is a week when you will be lucky in favor of love and relationships, but you should not set out to get back at or revenge on exes. Such an attitude will wear you out. During this period, you should not believe every news you hear, you should stay away from rumors. Your feelings will be strong and your perceptions will be clear. You must not listen to everything you hear from the outside.

Dear bows and rising bows; you are in a week when you will experience financial difficulties and you can enter into some events about your material values. You are at a time when your daily hustle and bustle will increase and your workload and responsibilities will increase. The full moon in Capricorn will warn you about these issues; perhaps you may need to change these areas. You can make some decisions on financial issues. You have to exchange ideas with the people you do business with. 

Dear Capricorns and rising Capricorns; for you, there is a big change, you are going through a process that is a little exhausting, a little tedious, and so competitive. You want to make decisions about yourself and fight for them, but you don't seem to be able to fight for them. Change of house, change of location, some events that may come from within the family may have tired you, the full moon is taking place in your sign; now it is time for you to face some things, be clear about some issues, make decisions... You have to let go of your image, which carries a burden on you in every area of life; after this week, you will feel more relaxed and calm. 

Dear buckets and rising buckets; be prepared for situations such as inner restlessness, insomnia, stress this week... In fact, although everything seems to be fine from the outside, situations that you can't Digest inside can tire you out. Try not to get stuck in the past, if you have a habit or a bad habit that you don't want, you are in an ideal time frame to quit. The full moon is your 12. it's happening in your house. In places such as closed areas, hospitals, courthouses, there may be difficulties, problems, riots. A period when you can't interfere in the back-spinning business, but instead decide to leave everything in the flow.

Dear fish and rising fish; in your social household, that is, there are power disputes, discussions and changes related to friends and your environment, there is a lot of news this period. Fish that have long had problems in their business life, career, can relax by entering into a partnership agreement or receiving support from someone. Choosing friendships with the full moon in Capricorn, focusing on who makes you feel good, breaking ties with those you don't feel good about this period is important... I suggest that those who feel alone in the crowds change their friendship and social homes. In order not to be disappointed later, you have to adjust the Receive - give balance...

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