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2021 winter trend nail polish colors

The neutral tones that range from coffee foam to sand are the saviour this winter... These shades also protect the look against our obsession with hygiene when you opt for water-resistant nail polish. 

Black nail polish, which until recently was an outlier, will often be seen in the coming period...

Decidedly glittering oil Blue reveals your style, especially when you use it in combination with natural stone rings.

Mint green, a rising trend of the last period, is one of the Yesil colors...

The glittering gold that Chanel carried to the catwalk this season has surprisingly come into our lives!

Maroon, which makes every hand look beautiful and adapts to any environment, is also one of the 'joker' colors this winter...

One of the colors adapting to the new age is 'purple'... Matte purple is replaced by metallic, silver-reflective purple.

Blue is also in many shades this season... Pastel blue, also called Cloud Blue, is a promising color. 

The longing for Nature continues, adding every shade of Yesil in every area. Khaki Yesil is indispensable this season.

Red, the sine qua non of any era, is in its most vivid form on the nails this season... Some shades should reflect Orange!

For those who want a clean look in a practical way, the redeeming colors are again in the nude palette.Juliette:..

Intermediate tones extending from pink to purple, especially 'fuchsia', have a decidedly warm effect this winter...

For those who want both a clean look in a practical form and a positive effect, light pastel pink is one of the first things that comes to mind.Juliette:..

Tile and dark earth tones also remain in the color palette this season.

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