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2021 trends in balcony and garden decoration

A very colorful life begins this summer.  Green, pink, salmon colors came to the Yesil and balconies. You can combine them again with light wood tones and white and black furniture with cushions and swallows of this Color.

Cotta color pots and giant pots made of large fiber polyester material will replace in gardens and balconies. Lighting has also evolved to a completely different place. Globe lighting suitable for outdoor spaces is ready to be located in the scattered corners of the gardens. 

In colorful cushioned gardens with double seats combined with single seats in different models, you can support your space with plenty of botanical plants. Or you can go again from white cushions and plain colored furniture, cut tablecloths from colored and lemon-patterned fabrics of the 70s and combine them with accessories such as glass damacana with a tap on it. Not only that, you can create your summer balconies and gardens with led lightings and fabric umbrellas that will take you to the late 70s and early 80s. 

On the one hand, pop art plastic polyurethane products have also become very trending now. You can use these materials conveniently without removing them at all, without having to protect them from effects such as rain and mud.Apart from these, you can sprinkle stone products of known powerful figures from the Far East, especially Buddha statues, in the remaining cavities. Macrome swings, which we saw everywhere last summer, were replaced by fabric and mesh hammocks. 

This summer we should step into leaner, calmer, minimal gardens and balconies. We have switched to flat and patterned fabrics, so you can support them with black and white weighted swallows, use large candlesticks with a stone image. On the terrace floors, there will be more patterned, but other than the classic tile pattern that we know; more large geometric patterns, pink, turquoise, blue shades on white. Wicker baskets are replaced by concrete pots. Large ceramic vases and ceramic lighting will make you stand out from what is being done now. Summer Tips From Me app from you:) get a nice summer...

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