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2021 summer dress trends

Floor-to-floor dresses, patterns inspired by Renaissance paintings and bodice body patterns... Each of them is nominated to be the favorite maxi dress of the summer...

Pastel colors, drappelers and super minis stand out in the Love on Friday Summer collection...

Moving away from simplicity, the new season dress models continue to retain their pomp and colour. Offering a chirpy and fun look for the summer months duds it also creates a rather feminine style. 

Fluffy sleeves on shirt dresses, ruffled collars on vintage dresses or floral effect on small colored dresses… This season's models it takes classic trends into eccentric forms! 

Floor-length midi and stylish back cleavage duds with it, you can easily move from day to night.

You can feel yourself in a fairy tale with satin fabric and robadan skirt detail. Details that create a mysterious and attractive atmosphere, dresses he creates a romantic look when he moves in.

As sexy as it is with a deep rip and degaje collar mold, it captures a cool look with color transitions. Super minis and neon colors that sit on the agenda again with shorter skirt lengths in recent years stand out.

Romanticachic flower embroidery detailed balloon sleeve patterns in the new season show a strong attitude as well as romantic. Huge tulles, fluffy skirts, ruffle details and a little sparkle… 

The NetWork is welcoming the ambitious summer 2021 collection, which includes special designs from the summer. All of the eye-Filling Pieces with strong color and pattern combinations bring luxury and comfort-oriented Mediterranean elegance to city life and beaches.

From vibrant punks to artistic patterns, the new season is quite colorful... This is your mode duds be ready to upgrade with. 

Especially for those who prefer baggy and long dresses, the new season is designed with last year's ‘comfort’ theme models it motivates you to dress comfortably but stylishly without compromising your comfort.

Those who prefer strappy dresses or rips updated with colorful flowers… Muun it's also possible to discover a style for every occasion and event!

This season, the dresses, which stand out from the straight cut options and become attractive, are decked out with body-fitting fabrics. Never More her dresses, with their romantic attitude, invite you for an evening walk to a lavender field in Provance.

90s-era satin dresses that make it attractive by modernizing hip + happen with its embroidered and asymmetric models, it is also a candidate to become the favorite dress brand in your closet by the end of the summer.

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