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2021 Grammy nominee 7 names

Taylor Swift has called all of the albums she has released so far “my diary” and shared her own stories with her listener. Swift takes a sharp turn in Folklore with her album, telling us other people's stories, and describes her album as “a product of crazy imagination.” The literary aspect of the album is quite strong, even poetic... The Sound is quite minimal and stagnant.  Swift, who signed a job that would not have been expected from a country singer who started her career 14 years ago, has 16 tracks on her album where you can listen to different stories. Although Swift revealed a” different " album, to be honest, I didn't expect this album to earn a Grammy nomination. For my part, I can list the featured tracks on the album as August, My Tears Ricochet and Betty. 

Jhené Aiko's Chilombo album offers the listener a feast of R&B and Hip-Hop. Chilombo, meaning” wild beast", is also noted for his collabrations.  Aiko's album feels like a drug to the body after hip-Hop work, whose quality is falling and its ears are bleeding because of too much demand. Although the R&B touches stand out in general, it is a joyous album that you can also evaluate in the field of hip-hop. The featured tracks are Triggered, Speak and Born Tired.

With the album Coldplay Everyday Life, which is often about “heartbreak”, it mainly focuses on outside world problems such as war, racism and climate change. Divided into two parts as Sunrise and Sunset, the album was promoted in Amman, the capital of Jordan, with two separate concerts taking place at sunrise and sunset. Vocalist Chris Martin's characteristic vocal style, combined with elegant piano timbres, led to a musical feast. Everyday life, which also offers a cultural mosaic to the listener with lyrics contained in different languages, is the three tracks that stand out for themselves in Trouble in Town, Arabesque and Champion of the world.

Women in Music Pt, which chronicles the difficult periods spent by the three sisters and their commitment to the city of Los Angeles mo. III a powerful enough work to turn a dark winter day into a sunny and warm summer day with cheerful and warm melodies. Women is music Pt, in which Haim evolved from the retro-pop sound to the classic pop sound of today, moving a little further away from the retro-pop motif. The three tracks that stand out in my name on iii are the Steps, don't Wanna and I've Been Down. Although it seems difficult to decipher the likes of Post Malone, Dua Mohawk and Taylor Swift, Women in Music Pt. III this year 9 nominations for Beyoncé 2021 Grammy Awardsmy favorite.

Although Post Malone still seems to be drowning in melancholy with Hollywood's Bleeding, his melodies make his audience feel the opposite. Hollywood's bleeding, which has turned into a completely different musical feast with Post Malone's versatile voice, fills the eye with colabrations inside the album. Featured tracks on the album Are Saint Tropez, Enemies and Die for Me.

Although she was not nominated this year for her album, Phoebe Bridgers is a musician whose name we will hear a lot in the future. I've been following it closely since listening to Phoebe Bridgers ' album Strangers in the Alps, released in 2017, which was nominated for Best New Artist. In the past 3 years, he continues to move on by putting his music on top. The American musician, born in 1994, has all the pieces beautiful from each other. A name that music lovers should put on the list, especially those who love the genre of Indie Rock or Folk Rock. 

It was an anti-racist song, and suddenly eyes turned to the song Black Parade. Considering the current situation in the United States, Beyoncé's raging with Black Parade was obviously not a surprise. As much as I don't like the song, We have to give Beyoncé her credit for the message she gave and being able to deliver that message to the masses. 59. If we briefly remember what happened at the Grammy Awards, when the nominations were first announced, names like Drake and Kanye West decided to boycott the ceremony, saying that the Grammy jury's preferences were “incomprehensible and racist.” Beyoncé has won 22 Grammy Awards to date, making her the most nominated female artist in the history of the Grammy Awards. Despite this, Beyoncé is 59. He has never won an award in any of the majors, including the date of the Grammy Awards ceremonies. This has raised the debate that African-American musicians are imprisoned in certain sub-branches and can only win awards in these branches. Going back to today's conjecture... in 2020, the vast majority of the American people and musicians protested racism with the slogan “Black Lives Matter" ... just when these events happened 9 nominations for Beyoncé 2021 Grammy AwardsI also leave it to dear readers to comment on how sincere the jury was in nominating Beyoncé in many branches…

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