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2021 font earring trends

Peracas, which fills the eyes with its designs, which combine the perfection of nature with the rarity of manual craftsmanship, comes to life in the talented hands of Beyza Arman. A jewelry adventure that grew up listening to the story of heirloom jewelry and began when her grandmother was rummaging through the jewelry box continues her journey today with the Peracas brand. Her fair cluster earrings, which she attributed to her grandmother, are almost a work of art...

Glamorous accessories take the Vakko woman on a unique journey to tropical climates. Yesil Yesil and parrot shaped bracelet and earring are available in two different colors where blue, green, ecru and yellow, red, green and pink meet. Floral earrings in blue and pink, symbolizing the arrival of spring, reflect the elegant and simple aspect of the Vakko woman.

Fun and colorful design jewelry also shows itself in earrings. Zebssdesign you can combine earrings of different sizes and colors in any way you want.

Purple Major Silver designed with summer colors, these models with beautiful shapes, stones and patterns can be a great choice for earring lovers, just wear different sizes of earrings on top of each other to complement each other as a style.

Stradivarious gives a new meaning to the ring earring with its different designs, shapes, stones.

Different charms manage to attract attention in every environment. Not only with bracelets or necklaces, but also with rings, you can draw all the attention to yourself. It has a beautiful shape, stone and pattern from each other models it can be a great choice for earring lovers.

Collection By Duygu Şahin It increases the variety with stones such as the evil eye bead that it uses in earrings, details such as zircon,Pearl, neon. In addition to simple and stylish designed earrings, it also offers fun designs.

With 24-carat gold-plated products in the Minimal and Sugar Pop collections Mist Jewellery different designs, shapes, stones give a new meaning to the ring earring.

Outstanding with stony and neon designs Silver of Mademoiselle  just as you can wear earrings alone, you can also use them with other jewelry from the collection.

If you prefer double and triple earrings, Jewelry In My Heart you can review the products in his collection.

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